Project Description

Our gynecologic sonography helps us to diagnose post menopausal bleeding, pelvic pain, the detection of fibroids and polyps that contribute to abnormal bleeding, pelvic masses and endometriosis.

For obstetrics we use our sonography to confirm pregnancy as early as 6 weeks, rule out ectopic pregnancy, confirm fetal viability, provide a detailed anatomy scan, and provide early detection of gender (before 20 weeks, for an additional fee).

3D and 4D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique used during pregnancy, providing three dimensional images of the fetus. Often these images are captured rapidly and animated to produce a “4D ultrasound”.

There are several different scanning modes in medical and obstetric ultrasound. The standard common obstetric diagnostic mode is 2D scanning [Figure 1].


In 3D fetal scanning, however, instead of the sound waves being sent straight down and reflected back, they are sent at different angles [Figure 2]. The returning echoes are processed by a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three dimensional volume image of fetus’s surface or internal organs; allowing one to see width, height and depth of images in much the same way as 3D movies but no movement is shown. (We do NOT provide video.)

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